Update: YouTube pulled the video for being too disgusting. Luckily, Metal Injection has the balls to host it.

Metal’s really pushing its boundaries recently when it comes to music videos. No mainstream television station plays them anyway, so why not get a bit dirty? Last week, Cattle Decapitation released their gruesome new video for ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’ to a resounding “ewww.” This week, Rwake are throwing their hat into the disturbing gross-out video ring with ‘It Was Beautiful, But Now It’s Sour,’ wherein pig fetuses are smashed and mangled through various means — in slow motion no less. I don’t get the point outside of shock factor and I’m not entirely sure if these pig fetuses are real or not, so we’re looking at a video meant entirely to shock and anger people. Negative publicity is good publicity, and metal’s always been fairly oppressive in that regard.

The track is available on Rwake’s latest album Rest, which was one of the best releases we saw last year. It certainly made my best-of list anyway. You can check it out now on Relapse Records.

– JR

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