Crusty powerviolence advocates NAILS made a big splash in the metal scene with their Unsilent Death release back in 2010 and while their recent split with Skin Like Iron was a tasty appetiser, I can’t help but admit that I’ve waiting with bated breath for the band to begin work on a new album.

And apparently I was so excited about the prospect of this that I actually missed the news the first time around. However, the band have unveiled their plans for two new releases in the coming months; a 7″ consisting of three re-recorded tracks from their 2009 release Obscene Humanity and a new album Abandon All Life, set to be dropped in spring of 2013 through Southern Lord and with production from the king of crusty core and tour-mate, Kurt Ballou. You can listen to the re-recording of Obscene Humanity‘ here at CVLT Nation and if that’s not enough then I’m sure you can find time to listen to Unsilent Death again. Twice.

– DL

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