There’s a reason that Meshuggah tend to open their shows with ‘Demiurge‘ these days — even though the track was tucked at the very end of Koloss, it’s one hell of an explosive opener, filled with those churning primal riffs that the band do better than anyone else. And once again, it’s Scion that deliver unto us another visual counterpart for some great metal. I, for one, welcome our new vehicular overlords.

Filmed and directed by Anthony Dubois earlier this year, the video is fairly simply a performance video and thankfully one that gives you a good idea of just how intensely heavy Meshuggah sound live. The visuals are precisely what you’d expect but the headstock and mic cameras are a nice touch and the lighting gives it all a great atmosphere. Honestly, any excuse to listen Meshuggah is a good one, so go ahead.

– DL


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