In the wake of a slow news season, we kind of have to grasp at straws to find something that really excites us. Fortunately for me, I really fucking love East of the Wall. Their 2011 masterpiece, The Apologist, was given a great review by Jimmy, and the album ended up making my year end best of list. And after almost a year I still love the album to death; playing it every few days. It just fits every possible mood I happen to be in.

So it’s not hard for me to get excited by little bits of information that the band has started to post via their Facebook page. On Thursday the band updated their status, saying this:

Recording drums for the album demos right now. It’ll be for 75% of the record. We still have one half finished song to get back to, and we may write one more.

Like I said, it’s not much, but the very idea of a new album from this band gets me all excited. As an added bonus the band posted the following photo and message:

See those red lights above the kick and snare tracks? That’s a bad thing. It means you’re sending too much signal into the recorder and getting some distortion. But we have the inputs on those channels set as low as we can make them. Seth just hits too damn hard.

Yeah, I’m excited.

– EC


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