New GWAR guitarist Pustulus Maximus didn’t take long to make his mark on the band. Considering they only announced his membership a few weeks back, it’s interesting to see that the band are already playing a new track written by the guitarist live and, while the quality of the audio isn’t great, you can definitely get a good idea of what ‘Madness At The Core Of Time‘ is aiming for and there are enough lead sections for Pustulus to prove his worth.

It’s definitely in line with the band’s mix of punk-y thrash and, most importantly, it thankfully goes to show the riffs are in good hands since the untimely passing of previous guitarist Cory Smoot/Flattus Maximus. No concrete details have been given about a new release yet, but vocalist Oderus Urungus has been seen in many interviews stating that they are quite a way into the writing process and that it will be a concept album much like Lust In Space and Beyond Hell before it. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait very far into 2013 to hear it!

– DL


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