I loves me some Amia Vanera Landscape. The Italian six-piece act blends the chaotic metalcore sound of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan with the expansive soundscapes of Isis. I mean, what’s not to enjoy? That has the makings of a Heavy Blog favorite by virtue alone, and these guys have the power to make their dichotomous sound work. Their 2010 record The Long Procession blew me away, and would have made my year-end list of favorites had it not taken me months after the fact to discover the record.

The band have been hard at work for a while now in crafting a followup, taking to Facebook to give an update:

Hi everyone, after several months of almost silence, it’s time to see where we stand!

During this period we’ve been working on a lot of brand new music. The composition process took different directions, in terms of sounds and respective approaches, and it led us to create something around eighty songs of very different genres. All this material will be recorded along the next three years, and the first of these releases is supposed to be out this Winter. According to this we won’t be going to play any live show for a while.

In the meanwhile, check out our previously unreleased video for the song ‘Empire’, taken from our first album The Long Procession.

More news coming soon!

Neat news! Hopefully the wealth of material holds up. Quality over quantity is something I believe in, but it is of course possible to have both. I have high hopes!

Check out the group’s new video for the track ‘Empire’ below:


– JR

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