Ever since I decided to start up this bloggy thing back in 2009, this site has grown to the point where people actually seem to care about our opinions and want us to listen to music in the hopes that we like it and spread the word accordingly. Since this thing hasn’t grown to the point where I can support myself financially, this is really only a part-time thing; I often simply do not have the time to reply to every email I get. Over the years though, I’ve developed relationships with publicists from various labels and PR firms that I highly respect not only because they’re the bringers of killer tunes and the gospel of metal, but because it’s seriously one of the coolest jobs out there. I’m much more likely to check out a band if a publicist I know recommends them to me. Sorry indie bands, it’s just what’s most convenient for me for where I am with time constraints at the moment.

We’ll try to work on this in the future in some fashion, but as it stands now, I’m sure I’m not the only writer in the field that is in a similar sort of situation. With this in mind, you might need to look into getting a publicist for your band. Lisa Coverdale of Basick Records and Hold Tight! PR had you in mind when she started her new blog and wrote a great piece for those of you who are kicking around the idea of getting a publicist but have no idea where to begin. She goes into depth on several facets of the subject, even tackling bands who really shouldn’t be concerned with getting PR in the first place:

Firstly, let’s be brutally honest here. Every band is not going to need PR. You may only be at the early stages of your band, your band may just be for fun, a hobby, playing the pub and club circuit on a Saturday night and aspiring for nothing more than to play at weekends in front of your mates and to have a good time and you know what, that’s absolutely fine. But if you pick up music magazines and hope to see your band in there one day, if you want to sell more than a handful of CDs, get booked on exciting tours as tour support and have the world hear your message, then a solid PR team behind you can help with all of these things. But before this can happen, you need to sit down together and honestly assess how good you think your music is before engaging with a publicist.  Nearly every band believes they have the greatest album, or the greatest history or the greatest guitar player ever told. But only a tiny percentage actually do.  PR companies cannot polish turds, no matter how shiny you might make it, the public will still be able to smell the stench a mile away.

That’s just scratching the surface. Read up on the subject over at Lisa’s blog. If you’re not in the market for a publicist though, the blogosphere’s still got you covered! Our buddy Calum over at Post Blog as Fuck wrote up a piece inspired by Lisa’s blog based on how to properly market yourself to blogs and websites in order to get noticed among the other bands vying for attention. Read up and God speed!

– JR


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