YouTube user Caleb Canatheviphth has been making a few waves this past week due to his unconventional covers of metal songs. YouTube is filled with teenagers perfecting their craft and doing spot on covers of the most technical metal songs available, and while that’s super cool and I have an appreciation for the dedication and talent, it offers nothing new or exciting. Caleb on the other hand transcribes the guitar parts to woodwind instruments. Above, you can watch him tear it up on Necrophagist‘s ‘Foul Body Autopsy.’ If that wasn’t badassed enough, you can catch him covering the Cannibal Corpse classic ‘Hammer Smashed Face’  and Decapitated‘s ‘Spheres of Madness.’

Keep up the good work, Caleb. Let’s keep adding this spin to the plethora of metal covers to come!

– JR



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