Based in the UK, Sithu Aye is an instrumental shredroom project. It’s really great stuff. Full of emotional chords and soaring solo’s it’s a miracle that this guy hasn’t run out of licks yet. If you imagine what Chris Letchford, Tosin Abasi and Piotrek Gruszkas’s had a baby and turned out to be an honor roll student, then you have a pretty good idea of what Sithu is capable of. From what I’ve heard, Invent the Universe doesn’t disappoint. The riffs and layers are tasteful and the production is outstanding. The songs are dynamic and usually don’t deviate from a certain theme or melody. As far as instrumental music goes, Sithu is one of the best.  Invent the Universe and his other two releases are out for free on his bandcamp. Check it out and give him a like on Facebook.

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