Hey folks! I’ve got some good news and some lukewarm news! The “I’m False and You Should Too!” posts will probably not be coming back. The butthurt was way too massive, and we’re not just going to ignore our readers. Your opinions are valuable to us and we’re listening. So say goodbye to the idea of a guilty pleasures post. Though, False Nate will be sticking around for other various posts. We’ll just keep his love for Sergeant D-esque falseness reigned in.

We also plan on having a full week of reviews again this week! Huzzah! Be on the look out for reviews for Car Bomb, Anaal Nathrakh, The Secret, and more! Unfortunately though, today’s news schedule may be a bit slow. Hopefully we can get at least five posts in for the day!

Here’s what you came here for, the week’s new releases:

Buried In Verona – Notorious (Artery)
Dethklok – Dethalbum III (Williams Street)
The HAARP Machine – Disclosure (Sumerian)
Heartist – Nothing You Didn’t Deserve EP (Roadrunner)
In Fear and Faith – In Fear and Faith (Rise)
Indesinence – Vessels Of Light And Decay (Profound Lore)
Lacrimosa – Revolution (End Of The Light)
My Dying Bride – A Map Of All Our Failures (Peaceville)
No Bragging Rights – Cycles (Good Fight)
Stolen Babies – Naught (No Comment)
Yakuza – Beyul (Profound Lore)

Have a good week, everyone!

– JR


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