When Bloody Disgusting, director Mitch Massie, and Cattle Decapitation teamed up for the unveiling of the new music video for ‘Forced Gender Reassignment,’ it was marketed as being the most NSFW music video ever. Of course, in the realm of death metal music videos and the freedom of internet expression, I was a bit skeptic.

Not even a quarter of the way into the video though, they’ve proven that they really did craft the most disturbing and disgusting music video I’ve ever seen. It’s as gruesome as a literal interpretation of the song ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’ could possibly be. I’ve had to look away from the video a couple of times, as it’s difficult to watch. Go check it out at this location if you’re not at work, anywhere public, or within 100 feet of a school building or playground.

Cattle Decapitation’s opus Monolith of Inhumanity is out now on Metal Blade Records.

– JR

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