The 69 Eyes – X

[Nuclear Blast Records]

While The 69 Eyes may look like your average run of the mill scenester-emo-goth-fucking-who-gives-a-shit kind of band, ala Black Veil Brides and the like, they’re actually a fairly intelligent neo-goth rock band, that have released many decent albums over the years. Their latest release, X, shows the band maturing, feigning away from songs about vampiric romance with a silly pre-teen fiction style of writing, and instead showcases ten catchy, yet somber songs that will catch the listener’s ear and guide them through a fairly enjoyable time. It’s nothing new or exciting, and you probably won’t be going back to it more than a few times, but with the deep drone of Jyrki 69’s vocals (a style similar to Peter Steele of Type O Negative fame) those few times will be fun. Despite the latter half of the album being a bit repetitive, if youre a fan of simplistic music laden with gothic imagery, X may be worth your time. – EC



All Hail The Yeti – All Hail The Yeti

[AFM Records]

Imagine for a moment, an alternative universe where Hell Yeah are actually a great band. One that actually lives up to the legacy left by it’s predecessors in Pantera, Damageplan and Mudvayne.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, you’re in luck, All Hail The Yeti are that band. Equal parts southern/nu groove and metalcore/hardcore, the band carve themselves a niche that would leave any stone-faced metalhead wondering whether it’s considered acceptable to like them. Crooning cleans and grooving riffs are stacked carelessly next to guttural shouts and blastbeats, but what should be a directionless mess instead has a convincing charm to it. ‘The Art Of Mourning’ has a direct wire to that part of your brain that stores chorus’ that you’ll find yourself singing later on and ‘I Am Wendigod’, despite it’s questionable title, has a second half that is filled to the brim with recklessly heavy riffs. The lyrics on show are as primal as the riffs and range from average to questionable, exemplified by the unfortunately ham-fisted line in ‘Suicide Woods’ ‘Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of everyone’. Thankfully, these moments don’t completely overshadow the rest of the material but All Hail The Yeti is still very much a ‘rough and ready’ debut — it won’t please everyone but for those you with an appetite for all things grooved and swaggered, here’s a band to keep a constant eye on. – DL


A.I.(d) – Solar Feelings


It’s perfectly acceptable to ask yourself what the hell you just heard after your first time through Solar Feelings. Side effects may include the inexplicable need to go back and listen numerous times, epilepsy, and severe nausea. Mostly that first one. A.I.(d) is a one-man project based out of France and is perfectly capable of playing everything that happens on Solar Feelings in a live setting. Seriously though, Solar Feelings is an shining beacon of what glitch metal should be; memorable music with a hefty dose of bat-shit crazy. While there’s plenty of the latter going on, there’s a solid amount of gigantic ambient heavy sections as well, with ‘Bath Salts’ an excellent example of that. Casting aside the trippy ambient sections of the song, the introduction slowly descends into a reverb-laden downtuned hell of sub-frequencies that stomp madly along to a slow-but-groovy tempo. The outro provides something of the nature, but with chopped up melodic riffs. Solar Feelings excels at substantial melodies and keeping the songs interesting, even the longer ones. The 9-minute ‘Final Sunset’ holds its own, having elongated sections that constantly shift around with new instruments and glitching the existing ones, but never have you checking when the song is going to be over. Go grab your thinking cap and a copy of Solar Feelings; you won’t regret it. – GK



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