Due to some issues over some old lyrics used in the track written by former frontman Neema Askari, the Monuments track ‘Memoirs‘ was left off their debut album Gnosis, causing a delay in the album’s North American release. There was some talk of the track seeing future release at the time if an agreement could be reached between the two parties, but the details were murky and it wasn’t looking good. Now the track will finally be made available, and it will be in benefit of a friend of theirs who has been recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Here’s the statement made by the band regarding the track’s release:

Hi everyone,

We will be releasing Memoirs via bandcamp as of 20th October. All proceeds will be going to our good friend Laura, who recently found out she has a condition called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (or PMP), a rare form of cancer of the appendix that effects less than one in a million people. We will be releasing Memoirs to raise money for her as there are very few people in the world who are able to treat this condition and none are in the UK due to its rarity. She will have to travel abroad for the treatment and it will be extremely expensive. There will be a minimum donation of £2 for the track, however it’ll be possible to give as much as you want, so please give generously. We would like to give a big shout out to Neema Askari, Joe Garret, John Sprich, James Monteith, Mel Schmidt, Steve Joh and everyone at Century Media for making this possible so quickly, Thank you.

We’d like to raise awareness of this condition, because of it’s extreme rarity, it is often misdiagnosed. For further information please read below.


Meanwhile, Neema posted the following update on Facebook concerning the release of the track:

“I like how its not mentioned anywhere that it was the only way I’d agree to the track being released.”

Yikes. Though, it is good to see they can at least put their differences aside to help someone in need of treatment. We’ll update you when the track will be available for purchase on October 20th.

– JR

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