So, as my name denotes, I’m not the most metal of metal bloggers; I regularly listen to easycore, altrock, and radio pop. A lot of my “trve kvlt” metal friends often ask “how do you listen to that shit?” I’m here now to answer that question.

Today’s falsity: Courage, My Love

The first band I’ll be advocating for in this column are Canadian alt-rockers Courage, My Love (or, as I like to call them, “Paramore With Hotter Twins”).  Essentially, that’s what you’re getting; female fronted alt-pop with a slightly pop-punk aesthetic.  Unlike Paramore, though, C,ML has TWO cute girls in the band, who happen to be twin sisters. These two girls also display some instrumental prowess, as well. Oh, and there’s some almost-breakdown parts for when the songs get serious.

Why I Like It

Being much less of a sausage fest than Paramore, Courage, My Love is much easier for me to fawn over. And, had you read my introduction to the rest of the staff, I have the tendency to fall in love with anything involving cute hipster girls.  And honestly, what’s better for alt-pop than a cute girl who’s got slightly colored hair and wears almost-rebellious brands of clothing?

“But Why Should WE Like It?”

Besides the fact that they’re cute and lulzy, you may be wondering why I’d recommend Courage, My Love. Honestly, I don’t know why that wouldn’t be enough for you, but if it’s not, check out the above video.  You should notice two things:

1.  The excellent taste in guitars (Ibanez Prestige? I know plenty of basement djent bands that would be jelly of that).

2.  A solo. By a girl.  A girl doing a guitar solo… with legitimate two-hand tapping. Most non-metal bands (and, let’s face it, a lot of metal bands, too) that have female guitar players use it as a gimmick, but Mercedes Arn-Horn knows what she’s doing around the fretboard (I can’t deny their riff writing isn’t that great, but hey, neither is Periphery‘s).

So with the “but they suck at music” argument thrown out the window, what you have left is a catchy, slightly heavy pop rock band that has two cute girls (and their friend) who have some level of musical talent. There’s something here for your inner 13-year old who jammed out to Green Day and Fall Out Boy, a nod of approval to your inner late-teenager who only likes bands that are good at guitar, and an aesthetic that your inner 20 year old can appreciate. What’s not to love?

I leave you with a catchy, poppy rock song about taking down those barricades… That are stopping you from just loving Courage, My Love

– NS


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