Welcome folks, to the resurrected, reformatted Undergrind Thursdays! As per the original version I did on The Number Of The Blog, I’ll be highlighting some of the underground death metal and grind I’ve found. This time around, though, you’ll get three times the brutal per article, and it won’t necessarily be me fellating a band’s ego.  In lieu of doing any actual work this week, with equal parts procrastination, boredom at work, and wanting to do a “getting-to-know-you” edition of this series, this week I’ll be sharing with you guys some of my “classic” underground death metal bands, collected over the years.


This is the band that started my obsession with finding obscure brutality. I honestly pretended to like this band back in 2008, going so far as to rip their songs from Youtube for my iPod, and then annoy my high school gym class by playing them over the speaker system (teacher’s pet privilege).  In all seriousness, avoid this band at all costs unless you want some hearty lulz or to scare off someone you don’t really like, but don’t have any nice way to get rid of.  The really rapey song titles, the hardcore porno clips, toilet-noise vocals, and buzzing bees MIDI tones make this band wholly unlikable. Unless, you know, Anal Judicator is something you dig.


As you all may know, I love to slamz tha sickness. If you’ve got mosh-worthy chuggy riffs and a trashcan snare, I’m in.  Vulvectomy is one of my all-time favorite lesser-known slam bands.  The catchy, chromatic riffing, ridiculous, but not retarded and creepy, medically-rapey band name and song titles, and the disgustingly brutal growls and gurgles make this band worth a listen, provided you don’t mind death metal devoid of anything but brutal riffage. And hey, if you don’t dig it, you can use their track listing to prepare for you Medical Anatomy 101 course.


With only one EP clocking in as long as a single BTBAM song, ISHITROBOTS are serious grind freaks.  I actually own one of less than 100 physical copies of this EP, to give you some indication as to how much I love this band.  If you’re into grind, guttural vocals, sweeping, and other noisy/math-y nonsense, grab a download of DOOM.  With the 2girls1cup theme as the intro, you know you’re getting into something weird, and by the end of the 11 or so minutes, you’ll either love the album and revel in its weirdness and peculiarities, or you’ll hate it, feel like you’ve wasted time you could be listening to have of an Opeth song, and post an angry comment at me. Hopefully you’ll dig it, but if you don’t like grind or noise, I would stay away.

– NS


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