Death are one of my favorite death metal bands, and revered by many as the founders of the genre. Chuck Schuldiner was a true pioneer and visionary, and it is such a shame to lost such a promising artist so early in their career, with so much more room to grow. Already owning all the Relapse re-issues of Death records, I anxiously waited for the moment they released one of their first three records, and finally my wishes have come true.

Spiritual Healing, the landmark Death album from 1990 is finally being released with remastered quality, demo tracks and outtakes, and as a super deluxe 3CD edition which contains a full live set from 1990, chock full of Death’s earlier material for those real old-school fans. Prices are very reasonable, and I personally ordered the 3CD edition because that’s just how I roll.

Pre orders are available here. In the meantime, check out the remastered version of ‘Living Monstrosity’ below:

Spiritual Healing Remastered will be out November 20th. Get them before they’re gone!



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