The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega

01. Behind Those Eyes
02. You Won’t
03. Rudy x 3
04. The Crossfire
05. Hold the Line
06. Death Eater
07. Canadian Bacon
08. Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox
09. Disconnecting pt 1
10. This Cut Was The Deepest
11. Disconnecting pt 2
12. The Alpha The Omega
13. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
14. Don’t Try This At Home
15. This is Forever

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More often than not, when a band decides to throw in the towel, it’s after a rigorous touring cycle promoting their newest album, music videos, and the like. That, unfortunately, is not the case with The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Danza decided to call it quits long before the release of the aptly titled Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega. It is quite literally the beginning and ending of this incarnation of the band, seeing founding member Jesse Freeland performing the usual vocal duties and  multi-intstrumentalist genius Josh Travis performing nearly everything on this album; from drums to bass to guitar and even vocals on the song ‘Don’t Try This At Home‘.

Ranging from absolutely brutalizing chaos to melodic sections like the chorus of ‘This Cut Was The Deepest’, Danza IIII has enough variety to keep anyone interested through the entire run. The album’s first single, ‘You Won’t‘, gives you everything you’d want from Danza, and features a guest solo from the album’s prodigy producer/engineer, Nick Scott. Easily one of the most punishing songs on an album, it rarely lets up. Title track, ‘The Alpha The Omega’ features stellar guest vocal performances by Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman and ex-Despised Icon, current Obey The Brave vocalist Alex Erian. Phil’s opening part in the song in particular is one of the most soul crushing moments of the entire album.

While the album is another fine addition to the band’s catalog, it does have some annoying traits, such as the flow from one song to another. Some of the tracks flow into each other in a nice way, but it ends up feeling like they could have just made those tracks part of the following song, which would end up removing about three tracks from the album in total. For example, ‘The Crossfire’ flows right into ‘Hold The Line’ over an extremely haunting guitar melody that rears its head again later in the album in an almost touching way. Those two tracks could have easily been consolidated into one. As bad as it sounds, the album could also do without ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid’, but Josh and Jesse obviously felt it was part of the whole package.

In comparison to Danza III, this release is significantly more restrained. As the band stated in press releases, they focused more on song writing than how many notes they could fit into a song, and it shows. However, that’s not to say Danza IIII isn’t without its fair share of crazy, it’s just that the crazy elements are used sparsely, which gives them far more power than usual. Closing track, ‘This Is Forever’, is a perfect example. It has all of the battering sonic insanity you could want, along with some of the best melodic sections the album has to offer, and the final line sung couldn’t be more fitting for the occasion. It’s not often that a band as chaotic and heavy as Danza will do something as somber as the ending of Danza IIII.

From a production standpoint, it’s one of the most powerfully produced albums you’ve heard in years. Nick Scott put his all into making this release Danza’s most hard hitting album to date. Every note on the guitars are pronounced, every drum hit cuts through the wall of sound Josh Travis has laid in front of you, and the low end is enough to rattle your insides. It goes to show how incredible of a musician Josh really is and what kind of future Nick Scott has in the industry.

The band stated on their Facebook once that the IIII in the title are tally marks, not Roman numerals, and that if there were ever a Danza 5 it would have a slash through the four tallies. As perfect a swansong this is for the band, here’s to hoping Danza 5 becomes a reality some time down the line.

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega gets:


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