Liverpool isn’t normally associated with dark and evil occult music (you have to go to Newcastle for that), but there must be something wrong with the water to have spawned the bastard children that make up Dragged Into Sunlight, whose seedy mix of death, black and sludge is as unique as it is horrifying.

The mysterious four piece have been slowly working on their new album Widowmaker, spreading the recording over 3 different sessions in the 3 years since the release of their debut, and details have begun to emerge. The album will be comprised of 3 tracks and nearly 40 minutes of music and the band stress that it not to be considered a ‘follow-up’ to Hatred For Mankind. Listening to the above preview, you can understand their point of view, it’s less ‘swirling tempest of hatred’ and more ‘dark and brooding slow-burn’, suggesting that maybe the band have decided to take a slightly new direction. Either way, we’ll know for sure on November 6th when Prosthetic Records release it.

– DL

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