You know, I haven’t been keeping up with After the Burial as much as I should have been. They’ve been getting less “weedle weedle epic progcore leads” and more “chuggawugga djent” over the years and it’s been sorta concerning, despite the fact that I enjoyed In Dreams back in 2010. Perhaps it’s just the idea of the change in focus that turns me off more than the actual result because they pull off the sound well though. When I stop to give second thought, it’s easy to be optimistic when it comes to the new material they’ve apparently been accumulating.

Lately, the band have been playing a new song called ‘Among The Ravens’ during live shows, and while it is indeed a very chuggy assault, the song maintains a dark atmosphere and the grooves are infectious. There’s a pretty stellar guitar solo thrown in for good measure, and it’s also nice to know the band are incredibly tight live players. So color me excited for the new release, which I’d imagine we can expect sometime in the next few months on Sumerian Records.

– JR


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