Pig Destroyer‘s new record Book Burner is easily one of the year’s best new releases. It is brutal and it grooves for days. Scott Hull is a riff machine and JR Hayes’ lyrics are as poetic as can be for a genre often discarded for pornographic and gore-filled lyrics. While the group’s latest new track ‘Baltimore Strangler’ isn’t the most overtly poetic and deeply moving song the band has ever written, it takes a certain panache to make one feel sympathetic towards a stalker who strangles women. Second only to Between the Buried and Me‘s lyrics, “Bebop skippity tippity tap those toes!” from Future Sequence‘s ‘Bloom,’ Pig Destroyer’s ‘Baltimore Strangler‘ captivates me with the opening line, “Her neck was built for my hands the way a pine grows for the saw.” Chilling stuff.

You can check out the new grinder at Revolver. It kicks ass. Book Burner is out October 23rd on Relapse Records.

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