If you’re anything like me, then you understand the woes of somebody who still like to support bands and buy CDs and vinyl records, especially those that are limited editions. However, unless you’re rich, then you understand how sometimes you have to prioritize on what you buy, as it can get very expensive. Metal Wreckage understands that, and they are here to help us all out.

The website is comprised of “Daily Steels”, deals they offer which include tons of one bands’ albums for a very low price. They just ran The Acacia Strain‘s last 4 albums for $33, which is way cheaper considering the average CD price is around $13 bucks (for all those who aren’t good with math, that’s $52 all together). It’s fantastic, especially considering I’m a broke college student who is spending my savings on music when I should be saving for something important (sorry, mom and dad).

Head over to the website everyday to check it out. They post a calendar every week to tell you what deal they are offering, so you won’t miss out! This week, expect deals from Amon Amarth, Dio, Mastodon, For Today, and Testament!



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