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For my last post, I’d like to highlight one of my favorite things. Who needs good music when bad music is better?

Vennu Malesh – It’s My Life Whatever I Wanna Do

Best parts: the instrumental clusterfuck before the drums kick in, the way the autotune sucks the life out of every “woooooah,” every facial expression and hand gesticulation, “I am a very good bad boy,” Vennu Malesh’s lips.

Soul Bomb – Under Your Hex

This could have been an acoustic B-side on a Saliva album in 1998. Every time he says “sex,” the prospect of sex seems less and less appealing.

Ishan Bawa – Wacko Man


“Lick my steamy ass cream” sounds like a line Eminem might have written at age twelve in a first draft of ‘Fack.’ Something about the incessantly frantic beat and the insistent, thickly accented repetition of “glory” and “story” coalesce in a transcendent, “ethnic” rap experience. The artist’s self-description on Soundcloud is quite enlightening as well:

I Am Born Outside US but From Childhood I’ve Been Feeling Like An American Spirit.I Love American Culture And Its Awesome Ways. I Love Hollywood And Its Charm, It Makes Me Call America As The Coolest Country In The World. I Am Too Complex Even To Myself As I Am Always Changing Growing, Adapting And Evolving Like A Mutating Virus Who Just Wants To Spread Chaos And Headache. I Can Be Called A Nym**o Cause I Absolutely Want To Li*k 3 Billion Girls.In Simple Words I Am The Unpredictable Wacko Man…

Complete – Hoogie Boogie Land


If you don’t know this legendary band, here’s your introduction. I can safely say that you will never hear anything quite like this ever performed by anyone else. It’s almost impossible to describe what this sounds like – a whale trying and failing to do jumping jacks on dry land? An 8-track tape player eating itself? Very drunk rednecks? Very drunk rednecks.

Banaroo – Dubi Dam Dam



Peace out, Heavy Blog! Stay Heavy!



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