As any guest blogger should do, I’d like to start with some awkward, forceful self-promotion!

My primary musical endeavor is Robot Zombie Army, an army of one that serves as a catch all for any of my independently written stuff. It’s kinda proggy, kinda-Devin Townsend-ripoff metal that you might enjoy if you can get past the amateurish production. You can download the 42 EP for free on my soundcloud page HERE. Below is a video I recorded for my cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’, which appears on the EP!

Right now I’m working on a new record that actually sounds like it was recorded on 21st century equipment and doesn’t use garageband drums! It’s called Xians and I hope to have it done by December or January. So stay tuned to my youtube channel for updates!

Another project I’ve contributed to is The Indigestion Collaboration. I combine forces with sensational guitarists Luka Žnideršič and Matthijs van den Hoven to deliver some seriously beefy metal about poop. Sort of. It’s good! Check out our newest creation, ‘Volvulus’, featuring Fred Brum on lead guitar!

Last but not least, I sometimes just do goofy covers or re-imaginings of music I like just for fun. Here’s one you might enjoy:

Well, enough about me… next up, you’ll get to hear about other bands from my area who are all better and less obnoxious than me! I think!



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