Hi, Heavyblog readers! I’m Ben Robson, a guy who likes metal and stuff! After I suffered a soul-crushing internet contest defeat last week, Jimmy (Alkahest) brightened my day by offering me the consolation prize of running this site for a day instead. So, thanks much, Alkahest!

So, anyway, it’s unlikely, but you might already know who I am. If you don’t, but you read Metalsucks, you’ll recognize me as that weird guy in the comments section who won that Nevermore competition in ancient times. They sometimes post about me when I email them music I’m involved with, and other times they just arbitrarily declare that I should be the singer for Killswitch Engage. I’m a decent vocalist, so-so songwriter and acceptable guitar player who’s practicing hard to become above average, but most importantly, I love making music more than anything else in the world and I approach everything I do with a lot of joy and passion. I’m not looking for fame and fortune with my music – that’s what the college degree will be for – I’m just looking to express myself and maybe put some smiles on faces along the way!

Today I’m going to post about a variety of topics that I hope you find interesting and/or informative. If you don’t, I apologize, but hey, I’m not a mind-reader! Now that this throwaway introductory post is over with, the real “fun” begins!

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– Ben


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