Evan Brewer, now bassist of critically acclaimed tech-death band The Faceless, is simply a spectacular instrumentalist. His debut solo effort, Alone is a personal favorite of mine, especially when it comes to mood music to chill out to. It’s simply a marvelous album, and he does it all with just two basses and his computer. Ain’t that something?

Anyway, earlier this week on his Facebook page, he posted a status about having material ready for his new solo album and uploading a video of his with a new 5-string Warwick (fuck yeah, Warwick). I’m super stoked. He was so chill when I met him at Summer Slaughter, definitely one of the nicer dudes in heavy metal.

More details as they come. In the meantime, pick up Alone here from Sumerian Records, if you haven’t already.

– SS

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