Tesseract with new vocalist Ashe O’Hara (ex-Voices from the Fuselage) is already sounding pretty damn great! ‘Nocturne‘ debuted last night on The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter via BBC Radio 1. Naturally, most of us didn’t bother listening to the show because there would just be a YouTube rip the next day, and voila! It’s like you’re all a bunch of a mind-readers or wizard!

Nocturne‘ already has me liking the new album better than One. The opening riffs are surprisingly crushing, the song variates a lot and keeps it interesting, and Ashe’s vocal lines and harmonies are fantastic. I’m cool with the absence of growls as well. Ashe seems to be perfectly capable of letting the song be heavy without contributing any growls, though I’m not complaining if he wants to give it a shot anywhere on the new album. I didn’t think I’d be looking forward to a new Tesseract album as much as I am, but here I am! It’s not that I hated One or anything, it just seemed like a debut album by a band that was still searching for their sound; sue me.

– GK


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