Javier Reyes is at it again, this time with his new project Mestís’ debut EP Basal Ganglia. Javier Reyes is handling guitar, bass, production and mixing duties while Matt Garstka of Animals As Leaders holds down the fort with drum programming, Hector Barez of Calle 13 and Bio Ritmo compliments Garstka’s work with percussion, and David Stout of Marvin Gaye, Juan Gabriel, and Smokey Robinson rounds out the project on trombone. The lineup sounds awesome aside from the fact that I’m a little unclear on Garstka programming and not playing, but whatever. Javier goes on to say:

Basal Ganglia is an EP that come from several places, and by places, I mean influences. I’ve always wanted to create a style of music that focused on being emotionally exploitive and technically sound, yet simple enough for the average music listener to appreciate. Another influence was using the eight string guitar in a form that is unconventional to the ‘trends’ or independent of characteristics that are found in music styles/genres that have popularized it. Another and important reason was to create a true form of my own independent voice as an artist. To create music that expressed my personality, upbringing, emotions and musical taste.”


I think the EP is going to be awesome. The teaser, which apparently comes from the track ‘Te Mato,’ sounds like a combination of really interesting Mars Volta and some debut Animals As Leaders heaviness. Plus, the visuals for the trailer are way cool and the artwork is definitely symbolic of Javier’s love of soup. I made that up. Overall it’ll be interesting to see where Javier is coming from in terms of his writing alone.

Excitement aside, this announcement begs fans to ask what the hell Tosin and Javier were doing in the studio with drummer Morgan Ågren if this isn’t it?

– GK

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