Anaal Nathrakh are the epitome of the word ‘extreme’. Listening to ‘Forging Towards The Sunset‘, streaming above courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan (who are spoiling us rotten lately), the first thought that struck me was how every post about this will be probably be some variation on those ridiculous hyperbolic ‘face-melting’ metaphors that metal pundits seem to love so much and, to be entirely fair, it’s with good reason. The moment that first frantic riffs kicks in, you know Mick Kenney and V.I.T.R.I.O.L have done it again and created more raw energy in the ten opening seconds than many bands manage in an entire lifetime. The fact that this ridiculous ferocity continues for another three and half minutes on top of that is astonishing.

Vanitas looks to be shaping up as THE Anaal Nathrakh record and with a legacy that includes classics like The Codex Necro and Hell Is Empty, All The Devils Are Here, that’s a hell of an achievement. It will be out October 15th through Candlelight Records.

– DL


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