Glitchy Frenchman Remi Gallego’s project The Algorithm signed to Basick Records earlier this year to much surprise. While Gallego’s quirky sort of djent-step sound and electronic-based live act meets the Basick Records M.O. regarding forward thinking and progressive acts, I didn’t expect the burgeoning prog mecca label to sign an electronic artist. It’s a smart move, really. The Algorithm is soaring in popularity and hype in the UK tech metal scene, playing shows with Monuments drummer Mike Malyan alongside bands like Uneven Structure and Chimp Spanner since the signing. The crossover appeal is excellent, and it helps that The Algorithm makes genuinely good music.

So finally, Basick Records and The Algorithm have announced the debut album Polymorphic Code. With album art looking like something from the Muse discography, I’m sure there will be a lot to take in from the record. A music video was pieced together for the album’s first single ‘Access Granted’ from the fairly recent Basick Records Underworld Takeover gig, which you can check out below:

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Handshake
2. Bouncing Dot
3. Trojans
4. Access Granted
5. Logic Bomb
6. Warp Gate Exploit
7. Null
8. Panic
Polymorphic Code will be available November 19th (UK) and November 20th (US) through Basick Records.
– JR

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