Mutiny Within‘s past two years have been a little vague. Everyone seemed to have left the band initially to do other projects, only to announce a few months ago that maybe some older B-Sides were to be released. That was followed by some more silence. Then there was talk of a new album but no real announcement on the lineup. As far as everyone knew, Chris Clancy was off being a vocalist extraordinaire somewhere else and Bill Fore was reaching the speed of light on drums with Angel Vivaldi or something. Damn shame, that was. Their 2010 debut made some serious waves and for good reason; it’s catchy in a well-written kind of way. Guess we’ll just have to remember them for the one awesome thing they did.

Except the new album ‘Synchronicity‘ got announced this morning with a trailer, artwork, and confirmation that the 2010 line-up will be recording it. It’s going to blow the doors off everything in your house. Apparently the album has been sitting around since 2011 in various forms of completion, which begs the question of if the reunion is just to finish what they started. I’m really hoping not, though it would make a lot of sense. These guys are way too damn good to be apart.

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– GK



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