Revocation – Teratogenesis

[Scion A/V Metal]

Revocation is not only wholly incapable of writing boring material, but seem to alter their sound in a slightly more interesting way for each release. Enter Teratogenesis, the group’s new metal-thrashing-mad lightening shredfest released through the unexpected kings of kickass metal, Scion A/V. Teratogenesis is Revocation’s most focused release yet. It doesn’t jump about between riffs and constantly try to keep you guessing, but holds you down and continuously beats the crap out of you for the full twenty-one minutes. Songs like the title track showcase a little bit of an old-school thrash flair with its lumbering, lurching, 7-stringed grooves that lock in to your arms and force you to mosh about, while ‘Bound By Desire’ is there to remind you that speed is everything. The stand out track is the opener ‘The Grip Tightens’ by quite a bit. If there were ever a song that grooves along with the ferocity of a runaway freight train smashing right into a nitroglycerine plant, it’s this. Not to mention the inhuman guitar duo of David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo rip a solo that can only be described as terrifying. Teratogenesis is something for faithful Revocation fans and potential fans looking to get in to the band alike. Happy thrashing! – GK



Over Your Threshold – Facticity

[Metal Blade Records]

Over Your Threshold are a German progressive/technical death metal band.  Their sophomore album Facticity, which came out on Metal Blade earlier this year. Their style sounds like a combination of Atheist and Death, which sets the bar very high for anyone to achieve.  They are clearly very skilled and good at their instruments, and they even have a production that puts them somewhere between the aforementioned two bands and German giants Obscura. Their songs would definitely satisfy fans of either band. The album is chock full of technical riffs, time signature changes and all that good stuff. But they do suffer from the curse of being too technical in that their songs aren’t as individually memorable as Atheist or Death songs. The riffs tend to blur between each other and a sense of boundary between songs is lost. That’s not to say that they aren’t good songs, it just goes to show that Over Your Threshold still have room for improvement. They have good production, great skill in instrumentation and are very promising at songwriting. So you should take Facticity as a stepping stone by a very talented band who are on their way to success. And if you’re starved for some old school technical progressive metal, this should definitely satisfy you. – NT



Grave – Endless Procession Of Souls

[Century Media Records]

It’s hard not to admire a band like Grave. Despite Ola Lindgren being the sole original member remaining in the group, the band itself has had nearly 26 years of dedicated service in it’s various incarnations and, other than a brief hiatus in the late nineties, they’ve never stopped churning out uncompromising traditional death metal. Here, on their tenth and latest studio album, not much has changed. Endless Procession Of Souls ticks all the right boxes; Entombed-fuzz riffs, Autopsy dirges and even the occasional nod towards d-beat — it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but at this stage in the game, anything else would probably be a disappointment. Opener ‘Amongst Marble And The Dead’ sets the precedent straight away by rushing downtuned Kreator riffs and grooving sections that bring to mind all the first moments of Left Hand Path. Follow up ‘Disembodied Steps’ follows a similar protocol, but it’s ‘Flesh Epistle’ that really hits hard and makes a discernible impression  — it’s twists and turns are tried and true but that doesn’t blunt the impact enough to make it unenjoyable. From thereon, Endless Procession… continues upon a similar thread, only really deviating for 8 minute closer ‘Epos’ which crawls along at a sluggish tempo, leaving plenty of room for lingering and decaying riffs to command themselves. Consistency abound, Grave once again prove themselves to be one of the most reliable death metal acts around — all hail the simple and punishing power of the riff we’ve all heard before. – DL



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