Pathology is one of the most well known bands in the love-it-or-hate-it slam metal genre. Partly because they rose to gain the respect of thousands in the underground with their no gimmicks brutality and partly because they got signed to Victory Records and have started reaching a much wider audience. The new album, The Time Of Great Purification, is one of the greatest slam releases ever. Dave talks a bit about the recording process, Slaughter Survivors, and what a dream slam tour would consist of.

Let’s talk about the new album. What is the meaning of the album title The Time Of Great Purification?

This album is about the end of the world. The title and the art represent how the earth gets Destroyed on Dec 21st 2012. This album talks about that and other conspiracies.

Now I did like Awaken To The Suffering, but the new album is leaps and bounds greater in every way. What sort of new influences did you all have when it came down to writing this album?

We all had different influences. During the recording process I would say for myself, I would listen to a lot of the new Morbid Angel. The actual songs, not the techno stuff. I don’t know, that stuff got me real inspired. I also listened to a lot of Bad Religion.

So how did Slaughter Survivors turn out? Were a lot of people into the new songs?

The shows were really good. The response for the new songs were killer. People really went crazy when we played then. Were only playing three new ones right now, but we will be adding more for the next tour. Right now we play ‘Tyrannical Decay,’ ‘A Bleak Future,’ and ‘Imprisoned By Fear.’

Since that tour is over, what’s next for the band?

Take a few months off and relax then get ready the 2013 tour cycle. We’re going to be planning a headlining US tour and a direct support tour for next year.

I really like that ‘Asphyxiation Through Consumption’ got a little thrashy and then led into an intense cataclysm of slam. Dave, how is it that you guys manage to put out a full length every year since 2009?

I just like things to keep moving. It takes us about 2 months to write and about a month to record it. Back in the day band would put albums out yearly. If you are in a full time band it just makes sense. It’s also really, really fun and exciting to make albums, it’s the best part for me!

Who did you guys record The Time Of Great Purification with? What made recording this album different from Awaken To The Suffering?

Daniel Castleman recorded us. He does a lot of like metalcore like stuff. His recording always come out heavy and he is very easy to work with. The writing this time was done with our newest guitar player. All the other albums were me and guitarist, Tim. This one was just me and Kevin writhing. Also, we paid a lot of  attention to the click track and really made sure the tempos are right.

Being that slam metal is overpopulated with terrible bands, what other bands would you recommend your fans to look up and listen to?

Haha, this is very true. For the Brutal stuff, I really enjoy Abominable Putridity, Visceral Disgorge and Vulvectomy.

If you guys were to headline a full slam tour, what 4 bands would you guys take with you on the road?

Maybe Devourment, Abominable Putridity, Gorgasm ? I don’t know. Maybe something along those lines.

Have you guys ever considered releasing a live DVD?

Yes, have thought about doing compilation of live show, music videos and bring someone on the road with us to film our tour life. Maybe someday.

Thanks for the interview and it was an honor being able to talk to legends such as yourselves. Any last words for the fans and what to expect in the very near future from Pathology?

Thanks for the interview and thanks to all our new and old fans for the great support through the years! Keep an eye out for our new album The Time Of Great Purification. Available everywhere Sep 25th, 2012.

– RB

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