We’re less than a month away from the upcoming Pig Destroyer record Book Burner, and my excitement is at an all-time high. I mean, you can easily get lost in a sea of grindcore bands that are just whacky and brutal, but finding a serious band with the groove and poetic lyricism that Pig Destroyer are known for is hard to come by. In that regard, that’s why I think Pig Destroyer are absolutely deserving of all the hype. Sure, they’re brutal, but they have soul and write memorable songs. But then again, grindcore isn’t really my favorite genre or anything, so that’s just my perspective.

Our own DamienTheOmen, the token grindcore enthusiast, puts the band’s new track ‘The Diplomat’ up there with Phantom Limb’s ‘Loathsome.’ It’s a “longer” track for the band, and it’s full of incredible riffing. You can stream the song over at Pitchfork of all places and get ready to groove in pure hate. Book Burner will be available October 22nd on Relapse Records.

– JR

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