Sorry that we’re making a habit of being late to the news as of late, but Carbomb have just released their oddly-titled new album w^w^^w^w this week, and it’s worth purchasing. For those not familiar, Carbomb are a fascinating breed, sounding like Meshuggah raised in a hardcore scene. They’re the epitome of challenging while staying on the side of listenability. Seriously, the opening track ‘The Sentinel’ has grooves that will make your brain feel hot from all the extra processing going on. w^w^^w^w is chaotic, technical, and downright bizarre, and you can stream it below.

The digital edition of the album is available for purchase right now, but the band are taking pre-orders for physical copies (including vinyl) on Bandcamp. So yeah, get on that, jerks. The band has taken to an independent release, so give them your support.

– JR


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