Vildhjarta surprised me last year with their debut album Masstaden, which really crept up on me and wound up on my best-of list. It had not even occurred to me that the band would already be working on new material less than a year later, but here we are staring down at the face of new Vildhjarta jams coming down the pipeline. The band are busy preparing a new EP for the winter season, and some new samples have been made available below:

According to guitarist Calle Thomer, “we’re hoping to get it out sometime this winter, or at least have it completetd by then. It’s pretty different from måsstaden, dunno how to explain it but its more “nu-metal groove” and the mix is gonna be a bit colder than måsstaden.” It sounds promising already! We’ll pass along more info when we get it!

– JR


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