Chances are, you haven’t heard of Sweden’s rising progressive metal force Eldrimner. Criminally ignored, they’re sporting under a thousand Facebook likes as of this writing, and it’s really a damn shame. Drawing influences from Shining (SWE) and Meshuggah, Eldrimner are poised to soon carve a niche for themselves in the realm of metal with their debut full-length album Inom förloppet av ett liv (English: “Within the Course Of A Life”). Cerebral blackened groove flows across Inom förloppet…, and it’s just haunting enough to see its way to surprise contender for this writer’s top 20 list of 2012 so far.

We are pleased to be able to share this record with you before its release next month. You can stream Inom förloppet av ett liv in its entirety below:

We’re sorry. Unfortunately, this promotion has ended. – ed.

Speaking on the record, bassist Robert Johansson had this to offer:

“The album focuses on a man who discovers a darker side within himself. These thoughts will start ruling his life, making him do things he never imagined he had in him. The album focuses heavy on this story, so with the release there is also a short story to give more input about the man.

Musically, it’s a intense and dreadful experience mixing black metal anxiety with influences from bands such as Meshuggah, Shining, making it a unique branch within the black metal genre. It has already been referred to as possibly one of the best releases this year and for good reason.”

The album will be available everywhere digitally Oct 12th via Pivotal Rockordings!

– JR

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