Between The Buried And Me are, by and large, the house favourite around here at Heavy Blog — maybe even surpassing Devin Townsend in sheer fanboy praise. But, for me, I never really got the appeal, I never even saw the thrill. That was, until The Parallax II: Future Sequence.

A hugely expansive piece of work that twists and turns unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s manic, but cohesive, heavy, yet catchy and despite it’s inability to ever settle into a groove, they still managed to catch my imagination on the first listen. So consider me a convert, with the spaced out video for ‘Astral Body‘ being the cherry on the proverbial cake. I’m sure resident head honcho Alkahest could tell you everything and anything about the beautiful and trippy imagery in the video, which was directed by drummer Blake Richard’s brother Wes Richardson, but from an outsider’s perspective the whole thing brings to mind a Tool/Born Of Osiris vibe and it looks absolutely fantastic. You can watch the video here over at Alternative Press and you can read Heavy Blog’s review of the album right here. I bet you can’t guess the score without looking!


– DL


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