What a surprise! I for one did not expect news of the new Tesseract frontman’s unveiling until the single dropped next month, but Century Media and the band have let the cat out of the bag and announced that the new vocalist is Voices of the Fuselage frontman Ashe O’Hara. Incidentally, Voices of the Fuselage sound a hell of a lot like Tesseract, so we can easily get an apt example of how he’ll sound in the fold (via Metalsucks):

Not only that, but a teaser trailer of the band’s new single ‘Nocturne’ is now available, and it sounds like it will be amazing. Check it out below:

I’m stoked about this new vocalist change. Ashe’s voice fits in right in between Dan Tompkins and Elliot Coleman in tone, so it’s not even a stretch for anyone to even make. How perfect! Here are some statements made by the band and O’Hara:

Comments Ashe: I have always been an admirer of their work so it’s pretty awesome to be passed such a challenging flame. I am very aware of the anticipation and I am certainly feeling the weight of it; but I am equally excited for what shall be an amazing and shithot experience!

TESSERACT adds, “We realize that the vocalist search seemed like it took a long time, but we wanted to make sure that we found someone who was a perfect fit both on stage and in the studio and Ashe is just that. We very much appreciate the patience and support our fans have shown us and look forward to the next TesseracT chapter.”

‘Nocturne’ will be available October 12th on Century Media Records.

– JR


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