This summer, British tech metal group Aliases took a slight hit when they had to face the fact that writing an album with a frontman living in a different country altogether is really hard. They’ve made an amicable split with Jay Berast, and without much hang time at all, picked up on new vocalist Leigh Dale (above center). Here are some statements from the band on the recent lineup change:

Comments new vocalist Leigh: “It’s with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the new vocalist for ALIASES! I’m proud to be the person the band have been searching for and hope I can only build on the awesome foundations that previous vocalist, Jay Berast, laid before me. The transition into the band was extremely fluid, we instantly gelled like old friends and have already begun working together on the material for the upcoming album and it’s sounding massive, far more diverse than ‘Safer Than Reality’, more groove, more beauty and more craziness, which will come together to make a real journey of an album.  We are all looking forward to completing it so we can hit the road, meet the fans and add to the ever growing Aliases army on the way!”

Guitarist Leah Woodward adds: We’re excited to announce that we have found the final piece of the Aliases puzzle. We were saddened by the departure of Jay and lost more than just a band member when he left. A void which needed to be filled by someone equally as fun, talented and somewhat mentally unstable. Enter Leigh!  This tattooed, goat bearded, quirky chap has added a whole new level of weird to the band and given us all that solid kick up the ass we needed. The full length album is coming together faster than we could have imagined and Leigh has not only replaced Jay to an un-imaginable level but his new ideas and recordings have continued to inspire us and fill us with confidence that this release will be something special!

We would like to thank everyone who sent e-mails inquiring about the vocal position, we did intend on holding a full audition process…..but Leigh crept up on us like a disease, or a bad smell and we just couldn’t refuse him….or get rid of him. We will keep trying, however, we get the feeling we’ll be stuck with him for the long run!”

It’s great that things are looking up for the band! An introduction video has been posted online, which gives some insight on Leigh and his talents — including some samples of his work on new Aliases jams. Check that out below:

The band are hard at work on their full-length debut record, hopefully and presumably due out early 2013 on Basick Records. In the mean time, you can catch Leigh’s first gig with Aliases September 30th in Ormskirk.

– JR

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