20 years is a long time for any death metal band to still be consistently making records and touring, yet Cryptopsy have defied the years, numerous line up changes, and multiple stages of their sound. On the eve of releasing the brand new self titled album, Flo Mounier gives a little insight into the making of the album and what future shows they have planned.

So first off, tell us a little bit about your new self titled album. What was the reasoning in keeping this as self titled instead of giving it a name?

Well we have been around for 20 years now and we felt that it was appropriate to do so. With the cover art being symbolic to old and new Cryptopsy we just thought it was fitting.

Do you feel that this album showcases the band as mixing the overall sound of the older albums with the more recent albums or as a return to the basics?

It’s definitely a mix of new and old. There are some parts in the writing process that we described as being similar to older material and some parts that we tried that we have never done before. So yes, a mix is a fair description for sure.

So it is pretty well known you guys all have been in a lot of other bands. What bands exactly have you all performed/recorded with and what sort of influences did those projects have with recording the new Cryptopsy album?

I don’t think that this time around too many outside influences had a direct influence on the record. We really tried to focus on doing what we do best and just having fun. I personally have projects like Nader Sadek, Digital Doomzday and Temple of Thieves. I try to play things that fit the individual styles of each different project. It’s important to play to the music for me and to try to keep things as musical as possible.

What other lyrical topics are prevalent on Cryptopsy?

I could say that this album deals with all Canadian content. Matt took these real happenings like missing people, unsolved mysteries, strange murders, etc… and wrote songs round them.

What were your biggest influences that you took cues from while writing this album?

We just wrote it. Very simple, Jon and I played off each other to come up with parts that would sound unik and unik to Cryptopsy. We all have different influences and they just come out when they do, sometimes it’s not even a conscious thing.

My favorite riff is the solo that comes about 3:04 into “Amputated Enigma.” How did that riff come into play?

Jon has really cool and strange ideas! We wrote that song first and he already had in mind to do a solo there. I think it’s a quite original solo, seems like he’s making his guitar laugh! Lol really cool stuff!

Is there any upcoming tours or stand alone shows for Cryptopsy?

Yeah there are a few things in the works locally for the end of the year.  We will also be going to Japan to perform at the LoudPark festival.

2013 is the year we will be doing bigger type tours.

What gear did you guys use for the recording of this album?

Look on the web site www.cryptopsy.ca

All the members equipment are listed on the site and we really use everything we are endorsed by.

Thank you for having this interview. Any last words for the fans?

Thank you for your support, it’s very appreciated.

– RB


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