It’s hard not to love Scion. After all they’ve done for us and they’re still showering us in gifts, the latest being a free EP from everybody’s   favourite death-thrashers RevocationTeratogenesis is set for release on the 25th of September and will be available as a free download through Scion’s media page (where you can also find free releases by Wormrot and Enslaved amongst others), with the title track being our first taster.

Naturally, it’s a face-melter. The riffs are furious, the drums are pummeling and the second half the track even degenerates into a moody downtempo stomp that could’ve easily been written by a band like Gojira. You shouldn’t need anymore convincing as these guys are very well respected in the blogosphere/IMN training camp, but if for whatever reason Revocation haven’t quite made themselves known to you, now would be a good time to catch up. The always awesome MetalInjection has the stream!


– DL


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