It’s easy to peg Long Island Quartet Thracian as a derivative metalcore band, but there is something very captivating about them. Perhaps it’s Mr. Arena’s vocals. The way he trudges through every syllable of the line “I find myself endlessly wading through these waves of repetition” to reflect the meaning of the line is impressive on it’s own but his raspy and raw sound is very evocative. It’s obvious that their vocalist channels Jacob Bannon, but the vocals are unique and that’s not to be taken for granted. Aside from Dan’s stellar vocal approach, the music isn’t half bad either! You might find yourself giving this track it’s fair share of listens. There is much to be enjoyed with some great riffing, intricate drum work and a raw yet crystal clear mix. I find myself remembering a simpler time with this song. When metalcore was fresh and bands like Killswitch Engage and All That Remains sat on the thrones of relevancy. However, Thracian mix things up by putting in an emotional interlude and a solid dose of feels. Give it a spin!

Gears comes out in the coming months so keep up with Thracian on their facebook page and check out their stuff on bandcamp!


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