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After waiting over a whole goddamn year, iwrestledabearonce have finally announced a solid release date for horror movie they’ve been teasing the fans about. Titled A Beary Scary Movie, it follows the band trying to survive against Shreddy, a deranged guitarist from the legendary 80’s hair metal band White Vulture, who comes from hell to hack bands into pieces.

Featuring an all start cast including M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan (of Slipknot), Larry Parks, John Dillon, and many more, this looks to be like a great cheesy scary movie. I’m a fan of those, so this will be right my alley. In an interview I did with Steven of the band, “It’s the most offensive movie ever made. The most swear words you will ever see in a movie. A lot of nudity, and a lot of shameful things that we’re on camera doing. But I will say that it’s all acting… It’s not real, I’m doing it for my ‘career

Expect plenty of ‘adventurous’ moments. Check out Bloody Disgusting for more information and scroll below for the trailer:

– RB

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