Von Drakus – The End

[Dark Omen Records]

It’s rare when a band today is able to capture the sound of hardcore back when it wasn’t being overtaken by cookie cutter bands just trying to make a name for themselves. And that’s exactly the feeling you’ll get when listening to The End by Von Drakus. Since forming back in 2009, and hailing from Giessen, Germany, Von Drakus is a four piece band that play a blend of blackened, metallic, and a chaotic style of hardcore, that also has a bit of punk influences thrown in for good measure. The End, which was self-recorded by the band, mixed and mastered at Die Tonmeisterei, and only limited to 300 copies, is the bands latest five song 12″. From beginning to end, all five tracks offer up a slew of metallic riffs, angry shouts, and pummeling breaks that makes for one hell of a brutal listen. Suffice to say, this album is a rager and anyone feeling pissed off will surely feel the need to put this album on and let the music take those feelings and lay them to waste. Sharing similarities to bands like Rise and Fall, Ringworm, and Integrity, Von Drakus are set to make a name for themselves within the hardcore scene, and any fans of the aforementioned bands will easily feel at home when listening to Von Drakus. Best of all, the album is free to download via their Bandcamp site. So do yourself a favor, check this album out and prepare to rage! – DA



Deiphago – Satan Alpha Omega

[Hells Headbangers]

The Filipino Antichrists are back with a brand new album — posers leave the hall or you will be burned and died. Satan Alpha Omega sees the band plying together their patented mix of Blasphemy and early Impiety and Bathory once again to help create a whirling tempest of bestial black metal with no unnecessary frills. Nearly every track on this 40 minute offering, barring the intro and outro bookends, is a complete pedal-to-the-floor run through frantic maddening riffs and relentless blasting — peaking mid-way through with the particularly intense one-two of ‘Satanmongers’ and ‘Atrocities Absurdities’. Deiphago never seem to let up on the intensity, however, therein lies the weakness with this and many other bestial black metal albums — it’s incredibly homogenous. If you’re not paying attention, beginnings and endings will begin to merge until you find yourself half an hour later lost in the dreary dark ambient of the outro. Fans of the genre will probably be familiar with this predicament and be able to individually pick out the razor sharp Sodom-isms of ‘Heretic Oath’ and the Sarcofago worship peppered throughout, but Satan Alpha Omega won’t convert any non-believers any time soon. Fan service at its best, you can’t really fault them for that. – DL



Whourkr – 4247 Snare Drums

[Ad Noiseam]

Igorrr returns once again with fellow Frenchman Vincent ‘MULK’ Mulk in tow for the third offering of his more metallic outfit Whourkr. Occupying the middle ground somewhere between Venetian Snares and any number of brutal death metal acts, it’s fair to say that the glitchy, crushing freak-out of Whourkr is a bit of an acquired taste. Especially when 4247 Snare Drums seems to do everything in it’s power to be as grating and abrasive as possible. ‘Gastro-Equestre’ is a prime example — blaring, dissonant saxophone quickly gives way to breakbeats, blastbeats and stuttering riffs in a way that could appeal to only the most worn of ear drums, looking for their next fix of extremity. It can get tiresome when every track turns on a dime so unpredictably but you could never accuse this duo of running out of ideas.  ‘Manger Du Beurre’ follows a similar template but also ventures into a surprising shuffle section that manages to make unintelligible pig squeals sound jaunty and even upbeat. The aforementioned vocals of Mulk are a constant throughout, shuffling through the staples of death metal growls, black metal screeches and even dashes of operatic wails. They’re used as simply another instrument on the Whourkr chopping board, spliced and remixed at will, as it would be impossible to discern whether there are actually any lyrics on show here. 4247 Snare Drums is not an album for everyone, but for anyone willing to spend enough time with it, there’s enough depth and intricacy here to keep you amused for a long time. – DL



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