Between the Buried and Me‘s The Parallax II: Future Sequence is easily one of the most talked about upcoming records and my personal album of the year thus far. It’s the bees knees, basically. I can’t wait to see them perform it in its entirety in early 2013, and I haven’t really had many opportunities to see them perform. A music video would sometimes fill that void, but BTBAM never really were all that concerned with music videos — their last pro-shot and legit performance video was 2005’s ‘Alaska.’ It’s a shame that the upcoming video for ‘Astral Body’ is not in that same vein, but any excuse for new BTBAM related media is alright by me!

The band recently took to instagram to tease followers with a screenshot (above) from their upcoming video for ‘Astral Body,’ which is set to make an appearance in the coming weeks — hopefully sooner rather than later! We’ll fill you in when the full clip emerges! Parallax II: Future Sequence is due out October 09th on Metal Blade Records!

– JR

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