As someone whose introduction to the crazed world of Josh Travis came in the form of the Glass Cloud, I wasn’t ready for the sheer face-melting intensity that The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza peddle. No offense intended at all to his latest project as The Royal Thousand is an impressive piece of work, but I’m a simple man that’s just a little more partial to ridiculous brutality than anything else. Thankfully, ‘The Alpha The Omega’ from the upcoming album of the same name provides that in spades, much in the same way as previously released track ‘You Won’t, and even manages to cram in a guest appearance from none other than Alexandre Erian from Despised Icon and Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel. Alternative Press has the stream but it’s in an unfortunately buggy player, if you’re having trouble with it a couple of hits of F5 seems to sort the issues out.

Danza IIII is due out October 23rd on Black Market Activities!

– DL

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