Stop the presses! Or don’t. Probably because you don’t have to. The music-verse itself, has literally come to a complete stop with Sacramento metallers, Deftones releasing a new track ‘Leathers’, off their new album Koi No Yokan. It’s as beautiful as we’ve imagined it to be. Literally growing up with Deftones, we’ve become accustomed to their sweet potpourri of metal and strange ability to emote cuddly feelings, so you know what you’re getting into. After you’re done listening to ‘Leathers’, you’ll still be bobbing your head with that groovy main riff in your head, while looking for somebody to hug.

Like with all successive Deftones albums, they keep changing their sound and it just keeps getting better. Its a very subtle change, but you can still hear it.  Its impossible for us to express how excited we are for the new album. Deftones have never disappointed. You can download this wonderful track here. It’s only available for a limited time, so act fast. Or if Soundcloud is your thing, you can listen to it below.


We reported earlier that the single would be available on September 18th, but due to some reason the track got delayed. ‘Tempest’, the record’s official first single is still scheduled to be released on October 9th.

Koi No Yokan will be available on November 13th via Warner Brothers Records and iTunes.


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