Revocation sound killer in the teaser for Teratogenesis, not that that’s a huge surprise. The band has three full-lengths in circulation, all of which come jam-packed with technically proficient speed metal that gets stuck in your head. While the breakneck speeds are always welcome, Teratogenesis’ teaser sounds a little more laid back and groovy, if not completely old-school. Check out that riff at 2:11. It sounds like it could’ve escaped a never-before-heard Megadeth b-side from the 80’s and time-traveled directly to Dave’s brain. Speaking of that riff, the mere thought of Revocation wielding an extra string makes my neck hate me in advance just a little more. Plus, who knows what new bassist Brett Ramberger has contributed to the band in terms of writing for Teratogenesis. Maybe he’s a mad genius. He certainly has the bitchin’ facial hair for it.

Teratogenesis is being released digitally via Scion A/V Metal on September 25th for free.


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