Glossing over the obvious detail that Early Graves‘ upcoming new album Red Horse contains a white horse on the front cover, everything about it just feels right. Goner was going to be hard to beat, but from what we’ve heard already Red Horse looks set to give it a run for it’s money — new vocalist John Strachan of The Funeral Pyre seems right at home here amongst the bands crusty, filthy hardcore, riffs grind ruthlessly and the latter half of the track contains a guitar solo that is just blisteringly powerful. It needs to be heard.

NPR has the stream and that release date of October 30th is slowly creeping up on us. Before we know it No Sleep Records will have dropped a weighty slab of filth upon us and made us relive those face-melting moments from the first time we heard ‘Give Up‘ or ‘Rot‘. Mahk Daniels would be proud.

– DL

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