The Reality Vector

01. Visions
02. Destroyer of Worlds
03. The Reality Vector
04. Foreseen Servitude
05. Integrated Vigilance
06. Overcoming Depravity
07. Apprehension
08. Interpretations of Dimensions
09. Cybernetics
10. An Eternity Defined

[We Are Triumphant]

Deathcore is always an interesting genre to listen to and given the negative stigma attached to it you can start to see why. It’s heavily oversaturated and saying the genre hasn’t progressed much is an understatement. Some may even argue the genre has gone backwards with many bands incorporating djent into their sound. As such, the stagnation begs the question: does deathcore need to innovate or execute? Dweller seem to think the latter and there’s no denying that after The Reality Vector they make a damn good case for it.

Hailing from the cold state of Michigan, sextet Dweller’s debut is a relentless, pissed off 35 minute assault of gargantuan proportions. Every song is seemingly out to burst the collective bowels of the human race and it’s mostly done through actual riffs, saving breakdowns that are often accompanied by bass drops for moments that make sense in the song. However, Dweller’s best quality is not the heaviness, but rather the enthralling, brooding atmosphere that rears its head from time to time. Songs like ‘An Eternity Defined‘ and the somber ‘Interpretations of Dimensions‘ accomplish this by having leads that almost drone and linger, which is a nice contrast to the sinister lead that skitters in the outro to ‘Overcoming Depravity.‘ There are even a few sections that dabble in post and prog metal. All of this adds layers to the music, something desperately needed to alleviate the often times one-note sound of the album. Unfortunately, while not exactly rare, these moments don’t happen enough so The Reality Vector occasionally blends together and becomes a rather exhausting listen.

Even with such excellent musicianship, none of this could be as good as it is if it weren’t for its genuine nature. The best example of this is vocalist Steve Samonek, whose voice may not be the most original, but is most definitely powerful enough to cause a shift in Earth’s tectonic plates. Even his rather blunt and typical lyrics of misanthropy come across like he actually hates shit. Screaming in unision, “I have no respect for humankind,” when listening to ‘Overcoming Depravity’ is a very common side effect and is almost catchy in a way. Almost everything about The Reality Vector comes across as organic, even down to the production. It’s one of the best produced albums this year if only for the fact it sounds absolutely massive. The guitars are very thick and chunky and the bass is as enveloping as it is loud. The soft, padded drum triggers are also of note as they give the production an almost warm quality to it, which is an odd yet effective antithesis to the actual music. The only complaint one could have is the rest of the kit sounds a little weak, but it works in the context of the other instruments.

In the end, Dweller’s debut is a fantastic addition to the genre, especially for a band that’s in its infancy. With a few improvements like adding more of their mesmerizing atmosphere, they could certainly be a frontrunner of the genre in a couple years. The Reality Vector probably won’t sway anti-deathcore zealots or reignite the lost flame for ex-deathcore fans, but it is a great record for anyone seeking something monolithic, heavy and fun.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsZwTXbkSLM]

 Dweller – The Reality Vector gets…


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